Call for Art: Open to All

Author: Ashley Benedict

Call for Art 2017-1

From the Women’s Center’s website:

Each year, the Women’s Center puts out a call for works of art to be displayed in our space. The Center believes that the function of art is to challenge our perceptions and to help us create new meaning and understanding. The Women’s Center is committed to using art as a form of expression for gender. The exhibit focuses on a small number of student, faculty, staff, and community member works that celebrate and highlight individual’s diverse experiences.

Submissions for each year’s Call for Art are due by the Friday before the final week of classes in the winter semester. Please be sure to complete an entry form to accompany your submission. Call for Art Prospectus and Entry Form: be sure to hand in your completed entry form with your piece when you drop it off at the Women’s Center.

Art Reception

Each September, we celebrate the new artwork on display by inviting the campus and community to join us for a reception. Following the Women’s Commission Annual Fall Welcome, this fun event includes refreshments and a chance to see the new art on display.

Remember: All work must be brought to the Women’s Center by 2 P.M. on April 21st to be considered!


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