A Broken Heart But No Heart

Author: Sierra Nakano


Always Shivering


Your love has eaten away

at my hair and skin,

leaving my body bare boned,

always shivering.

Each word you create

is a weapon that spears

through my rotting flesh

but continues

on like a transparent target.

I try to hug you

but you step aside,

leaving me to grasp for air—

I cannot breathe.

I want you

to nurse me back to life,

life that you had given to me

then brutally taken away

as you locked the doors

and ignored my cries.

But I know that when I get

through to you,

you will let me back in.

I will open your chest

rip out your heart,

and consume it like I’ve always wanted to,

and then you will

finally keep me warm.


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