Activism in Art: Women’s Center Ambassadors

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Here are some short descriptions on the collages:

Amarri Smallwood:

My poster is about self-love, loving being different, and gender justice. When people look at my collage hopefully they feel inspired, happy, and loved.

Briana Elleáge:

This piece is about the social issue of the mistreatment and dehumanization of trans-POC and raises awareness of what must be done to improve spaces for TPOC.

Dominique Thurmond:

This collage is about reproductive rights. Being “pro-choice” is about more than abortion, it’s about creating a society that values and respects the rights and decisions of others – without contempt or judgment.*

Lexus Patterson:

My collage is about the unknown feelings of women affected by police brutality. I did a collage on feelings and emotions that are casted through the minds of women and people affected by these acts.

Ashley Benedict:

My collage could be interpreted in two different ways: a commentary on the beauty standards set for women in our society and/or the issue of rape culture. I intentionally made it possible to be taken either way, because often times these two issues go hand in hand, which isn’t understood as deeply as it should be.

Jaedah Pickens:

This picture is a commentary on how music and media are making our society dumber.

Draya Garrett:

This image is supposed to represent the capitalistic nature of our healthcare system and how adequate and affordable care is not a reality. Life shouldn’t cost life is a measure to demonstrate how paying for healthcare in order to live should not cost someone’s living. The number one cause of foreclosure is healthcare bills as prices for care have skyrocketed.

*These quotes represent the views of students, not the Women’s Center 


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