A Collection of Poems by The Women’s Center Ambassadors

Authors: Women’s Center Ambassadors


Women and children are apart of us.

It angers me when I think of them being touched,

physically, emotionally, and mentally, it destroys their soul,

causing me rage that burns us all.

We must stop the pain, power and control.


Do we think of how they feel?

Do you know the damage you’ve done?

Pain runs deep, soul untied,

a new feeling unfound,

hurt built deep within.


Exhausted from the constant abuse,

no way of expressing their truth

they give up the fight.

The feeling of being unheard.

Who wins when abused?

– Lexus Patterson



There is more to the cosmos

but, instead, you insist on shooting this average Joe.

He has all of the power and control,

oppressive state of AmeriKKKa


It truly pisses me off that this is pushed on people.

We have to believe in this because this is what we are taught.

It is time to revert our eyes

and open our minds.


Consciousness is key for survival.

Survival for both humans, animals, and the universe.

She is God.

– Jaedah Pickens



American Health

Pre-existing condition denials.

Skyrocketing prices for care.

Less life.

More death.


Money over everything.

Life saving medicine 300x too expensive.

Less altruism.

More death.


Greed. Devastation. Destruction.

Blindness to corruption.

We prolong breaths at what cost?

More death.


Death to our humanity.

– Draya Garrett



Clean Water for Everyone

They say the lead levels in Flint have finally met levels of acceptability,

but our children continue to seize and go blind.

Houses left dry, with no source of clean drinking water;

it has been poisoned by the government’s greed.


They say that the President is going through with the Dakota Access Pipeline,

so the water protectors continue to hold the resistance lines, as they have since April 2016.

Water cannons and rubber bullets fall upon them, yet still they stand in freezing

temperatures, a formidable force, while here I am, comfortable indoors.


They say that we are overreacting, that our movements and protests will never work,

while they forge armies against shivering citizens and plant poison in our children.

They think we don’t need clean water, as they fill their pockets with green,

and our people are left with the consequences.

– Ashley Benedict


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