My Bucket List: Social Justice Version

AUTHOR: Ashley Benedict
  • For women to be given full control of their bodies:
    • Free the Nipple
    • Shave or Don’t Shave, who cares?
    • For women’s healthcare to not rise in costs (when it’s already so much more expensive)
  • Affordable healthcare for all Americans
  • For toxic masculinity to stop being forced on young boys
  • For the Marriage Equality Act to stay intact
  • For television shows to kill the Bury Your Gays trope
  • For LGBTQIA+ individuals to feel safe for once in our lives
  • For our police to undergo better training and follow protocol
  • For Black Lives to (finally) Matter
  • To stop the hate against Muslim Americans and immigrants (an overall decrease in hate crimes, please!)
  • For DAPL to stop construction completely
  • To see renewable energy used more and see the U.S. cut back on fossil fuels
  • More focus on our homeless population and aiding them to better their situations
  • For people to stop stigmatizing those with mental illnesses or disabilities
  • For social awareness and conscientiousness to increase
  • To speak up against injustice whenever possible


What’s on your social justice bucket list? Send in your own by emailing or comment down below!


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