Call For Submissions!

AUTHOR: Ashley Benedict

Here at the GVSU Women’s Center, we encourage the sharing of different perspectives. If you find yourself interested in contributing to this blog, submissions can be sent in through the Contact page or to the email If you are interested in being an editor or regular contributor to the blog, be sure to include that in the initial email. We also encourage further involvement in Women’s Center events and activities. Anyone who wants to volunteer or intern with the center should visit our website to learn more.


  • The theme of this blog is social justice, so we generally look for submissions that relate to issues including (but not limited to): sex, gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, current events, etc.
  • As a blog we welcome all forms of media, including:
    • Persuasive essays or personal stories
    • Creative writing, e.g., poetry, flash fiction, short stories, etc.
    • Photography (along with a brief description of how the photograph relates to social justice)
    • Audio/visual, e.g., songs, skits, commentary videos, etc. (Note: for those interested in submitting audio or video pieces, please visit our FAQs page).
    • Art pieces that make a social statement
    • And anything else you want to share with your fellow students!


  • All submissions are subject to screening through university staff, which means:
    • Please refrain from any offensive, derogatory, or demeaning language
    • Act as a professional
    • Show respect to others who may not share your opinion
  • If we deem any submissions unfit to be posted, we reserve the right to deny these works

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