F BOMBS for Feminism… is it offensive?

MTV has recently paired with FCKH8.com to release a video of little girls dressed in princess dresses, hair done all beauty pageant like with the ever-so-necessary finishing touch of satin white gloves, what viewers are not expecting are the fowl words spilling from their mouths left and right. With mouths of sailors these little ladies hit feminism-or the lack there of- hard. Posing the question, is it more offensive for these littler girls to be dropping F-Bombs among other curse words, or that society is teaching little girls that feminism has been “achieved” and that women are considered to be treated as an equal to the males?

Is it necessary for these girls to curse? No.  Does dropping F-Bombs get viewers attention? Yes. Lets imagine for a second, that MTV decided to go with a ‘clean version’… and called it “Little Princesses In The Name Of Feminism” would you watch it? Probably not. I will be honest, I read the title “Watch These Fowl Mouthed Little Princesses Drop Serious F-Bombs (And Truth Bombs) In The Name Of Feminism” and thought “HA! Well this might be interesting…” I had no intent of taking any of the short clip to heart or getting any sort of message from it, but MTV did something right in holding my attention, and the message rang strong…so here we are!

Feminism is not dead, and we as women have not achieved feminism. Some of the major points brought up in this video are among the biggest aspects that society allows unchanged. To bring to light one of many issues brought by inequality based on gender is the inequality of working wages between men and women, not to mention that working mothers make even less than non-mothers in comparison to men. Statistics also proves that 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted or raped, putting women ahead of men in vulnerability for sexual assault. Does that sound equal to you? It certainly doesn’t to me!

FCKH8.com advocates feminism and equality in rather interesting manners by bringing, and holding attention at issues that typically go un-talked about in our daily lives. Not talking about issues of any sort does not mean these issues do not exist, and certainly does not imply that they have been justified or taken care of. This video resonated strong with me, and I’m sure similarly with many other viewers, y’all should give it a watch! Together people can work to make a change, one step at a time even through simple things like a video that becomes wide spread through social media!

Click the link below for the article that was used as a reference-



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