Petite in Pink

by student Tracey McCoy

We live in world where bigger-is-better, except when it comes to women. Now I’m not even going to try to argue weight, but in general, women’s items are smaller. If you don’t believe me try this out for size; women’s basketballs are a full two inches smaller in diameter. A girl’s best friend, shoes, have a whole separate (and smaller) scale from men, because let’s be honest, we girls shouldn’t be allowed to be compared to men. And recently, Bic has just marketed smaller more elegant pens specifically for women called “Bic for Her” designed to fit a woman’s hand. Thank goodness, constantly using a man’s pen has really had an effect on me. So when it all boils out, petite is the way to go.

Now not only are these special pens undersized, they come in two colors: pink and purple. This is not the only case where I’ve seen this trend in products marketed to women. One and two pound weights are also often sold in pink and purple, because we all know a man would never, ever even think about using such a minute weight. And when women invaded the manliest sport on earth – boxing- pink boxing gloves were created to compensate.  These days, to be a woman, you must not only comprise of miniature extremities but also have a never ending love for the color pink.

Call me a freak, but my 5’10’’ frame, 6’’ hand span, and size ten shoes, yes I actually wear a size ten, is right on par with all the male averages in America, yet I’m still a girl (I know shocking isn’t it!).  So, as hard as advertisers try to market their genius products towards women by “designing them for women,” women will never be defined by these products. What other products can you think of that are marketed gender specifically that don’t need to be? Do any products even “need” to be marketed towards men specifically or to women specifically? It’s definitely a topic that is more commonly talked about, especially after an episode of Ellen aired talking about these Bic pens. Give it a watch!


2 thoughts on “Petite in Pink

  1. whodat says:

    As far as coed hygiene products go I would “Man Up and use GoldBond Lotion” because it is endorsed by Shaquille O’Neal than “Indulge My Skin with Shea Butter” because it is “fast absorbing body lotion that leaves my skin extra soft, extra smooth, and extra beautiful” with Dove Cream Oil Shea Butter Body Lotion. You know because challenging my manhood over the decision to use a moisturizer makes sense. But hey, who am I kidding of course I’m gonna buy it because of that. Never mind that it is the exact same product in different packaging, endorsed by an enormous pro athlete/rapper/actor (not that any of those things are bad, do your thing Shaq). Although it is nice that the “For Men” hygiene products typically cost about 30% less than the others.


  2. Jim Paglia says:

    A few years ago I wrote a piece for Soccer America online editions called “Soccer’s Dirty Little Secret.” The major soccer uniform manufacturers (Adidas Nike, etc.) encourage club soccer programs to buy uniforms in male sizes for all club members including females suggesting it makes inventory control simple. They do this because they don’t make all their models in female sizes despite the fact that 52% of all soccer players in the U.S. are females. In other words, it’s impossible to outfit males and females in your club in the same styles and patterns in most cases unless they all wear uniforms made for males.

    These same companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually insisting that apparel is a significant factor in performance. But improper fit in women’s athletic apparel has become so common most females have accepted it as normal.


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