Welcome Women’s Center Ambassadors!

Meet our 2014-2015 Women’s Center Ambassador cohort!

AMB 2014 Group Photo

Read our statements to learn more about who we are:

Hey, my name is Challie, it comes from the scrabble dictionary. There are many things in my life that I am passionate about. Two of which are feminism and small dogs! I strive to eliminate the words “weird” and “crazy” from the English dictionary! Nice to meet you! Also, I major in Psychology and plan to do great things in life.

Hi! My name is Morgan, I’m a sophomore at GVSU with an engineering major and Spanish minor. I decided to be involved in the Women’s Center Ambassador program because I want to learn more about the role of feminists in community service, and how I can make a positive impact in the fight for gender equality and acceptance.

Hello, My name is Jelena Harrington. My twin sister and I are freshman this fall at Grand Valley. I’m currently undecided on my major, but I have a strong interest in social justice. I’m an ambassador for the GVSU Women’s Center because my mom has always encouraged me to love and accept myself and change the things I didn’t like. I want to help share my mom’s ideas with all of the people I encounter. Also, I’m a cat lady with three obese cats. #meowt

Hi! My name is Casey Overway. I am a senior studying psychology, women and gender studies and sociology. I’ve joined ambassadors to become more deeply involved with feminist issues and to grow as a feminist. I also think being a part of ambassadors will allow me to have a safe community environment to discuss difficult topics that every day people aren’t always willing to talk about.

My name is Diana Hoeksema. I am a BMS and Sociology Major with a minor in biology. I am excited to be a part of the Women’s Center Ambassador program this year. My goal for the year is to encourage myself and others to question the roles society has placed on men and women. Specifically through the feminist lens.

My name is Sarah Westoby. I’m a Allied Health Services major, psych minor going into public health after undergrad. I will graduate in December! I plan to one day work in a field centered around violence against women.

Hey I’m Leah. I’m a senior bio-medical science major and an aspiring future physician. I am an ambassador for the Women’s Center and GVSU.

I’m Rachel B. I love people. I love ideas and discussing them. I seek truth and social justice. Sociology and Statistics major with math and religions studies minors.

Elizabeth R. I am a junior in the social work program. I am constantly trying to learn more about the world around and be an advocate for social justice.

My name is Jessica Gibbs. I am double majoring in women and gender studies and public and nonprofit administration. I decided to become a women’s center ambassador because I am passionate about being involved in the community and getting others involved as well.

My name is Errin F. I’m a 3rd year student majoring in Psych with minors in WGS and criminal justice. I like archery, readying, knitting and throwing things at the TV when I see a sexist commercial. I’m passionate about feminism as a way to take control of your own identity beyond the constraints of a society built against you.

I’m Kendal, and a sociology major with a WGS minor. I am an ambassador for the Women’s Center because I want GVSU students to feel comfortable and safe and always feel like they can be who they are unapologetically.

Hi, my name is Anna H. I’m a freshman here at GVSU and I’m majoring in film and video production. I’m an ambassador for the Women’s Center because I’m a feminist and I want to spread awareness about social injustices. My goals are to empower other women and grow as a feminist myself.

My name is Patricia Borchfield. I’m 20 and I’m from Chicago. I want to work with the Women’s Center because I believe Feminism can make positive social change. I believe in being active in the community and that’s why I’m an ambassador.

Hi, I’m Margie! This is my first year as a Women’s Center Ambassador and I am a senior at Grand Valley. I began learning about feminism and getting involved during my sophomore year after a few of my friends steered me in the right direction. Since then, I have stayed very connected with the LGBT Resource Center and always looked for more ways to get involved. I live in GR, my parents live in Austin and I really like coffee and sunshine. Feminism is awesome.

My parents named me Kanyn nineteen years ago, immediately setting me up to stand a part from the rest of the world. I have experienced many things, overcome unique challenges, and met an amazing variety of people that has shaped and developed who I am as a person and a feminist today. I believe in the equality and freedom of every citizen of this planet, past, present and future. I am passionate about everything from the people I love to the opportunities I experience. I am excited about my own future as well as the future of the beautiful world we live in.

My name is Alicia Fleming and I am a business administration major. As an ambassador, I believe that a feminist is a strong, daring woman who’s passionate about justice and doesn’t need a certain appearance or body image to define her or her attitude.

I’m Jessica. I grew up in Grand Rapids and am a sociology major with a women and gender studies minor. My engagement with feminist thought began when I was 16 and read every book on gender I could find in the public library. I plan to study gender in grad school.

Colleen McDowelll: Hey! I’m a junior, a social work major, and a psychology minor. I became an ambassador because I am so passionate about fixing social injustices and I really want to make an impact in some way.

Hello, I’m Megan Prangley and I’m a senior Theatre major with a WGS minor. Besides being a Women’s Center Ambassador, I am a ReACt! actor/activist and volunteer as a teen dating violence prevention ambassador at Safe Haven Ministries.

My name is Maddie Creutz and I’m a senior at Grand Valley, majoring in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in diversity in the work force. I am working as GVSU’s Women Center’s service and advocacy intern. I’m extremely passionate about interdisciplinary studies and being able to use many different lenses while confronting social injustices. I’m exited to work with all of the amazing student ambassadors who will be leading days of service in and our of GV’s community. This is about a short introduction but I and my fellow ambassadors will continue to post some great insights to our experiences as service learners and leaders in Grand Valley’s Women’s Center so stay tuned!



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